MPlayer 0.90 Final ist draussen

Diskutiere MPlayer 0.90 Final ist draussen im Linuxnews Forum im Bereich Allgemeines; 2003.04.06, Sunday :: Finally! MPlayer 0.90 released! posted by Gabucino 459 days have passed since we released our last "stable" release:...

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    2003.04.06, Sunday :: Finally! MPlayer 0.90 released!
    posted by Gabucino

    459 days have passed since we released our last "stable" release: MPlayer 0.60 "The RTFMCounter".

    As usual, I'm sitting in front of my 15" CRT display, trying to create a news entry that would.. just do it. And the only thing that comes to me is that I should hit the bed as soon as possible. Let's make this quick then.

    The most important thing: A'rpi is leaving project maintainership at the moment 0.90 is released. You can read his first and second mails on this subject (from the mplayer-dev-eng mailing list).

    It's unclear if there'll be another "leader" for the project, and if yes, who will it be. I'm sure of one thing: the CVS will be very unstable in the next weeks/months/eons. Don't worry: 0.90 is stable for everyday usage (has some known bugs though - but if we waited for a fix for each of them, we wouldn't have a release in the next few aeons). If you aren't pleased with 0.90, please check the 'main' CVS tree if it fits your needs. Send patch, it might get incorporated into a 0.91, or like.


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MPlayer 0.90 Final ist draussen

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