Email via script via Exchange Server (SASL)



I am currently on a topic more than a week off and really despair ;-)

The task is simple:

I have a script on a CentOS7 server, which sends an email over an Exchange server. This email then goes to an email address that has an activated autoresponder. The script then checks to see if the autorespond response has arrived. That works quite well. However, the Exchange server should no longer accept plain login but authenticate to keberos (ntlm)

The script now reports:
EMAIL DELIVERY CRITICAL - smtp failed: SMTP SEND CRITICAL - No SASL mechanism found at /usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/Authen/ line 77. at /usr/share/perl5/Net/ line 143.

I understand that without this SASL no login (login) on the Exchange server is possible. The question is: How do I install the SASL so that the server can log in to the Exchange mailbox and send the mail.

Possibly. required information:
The background is the monitoring of an Exchange server. Here, the mail route should be checked.
The plugin is the check_email_delivery (just google it after, first entry of nagios)
Monitoring software is icinga2

Many Thanks!
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