MPlayer v0.9.0rc3



Und ein neuer Release Candidate von einem der besten Player für Linux:

MPlayer v0.90rc3 "BugfixCounter"

* english man page & HTML docs updates
* audio filter documentation
* doesn't depend on BASH any more
* Hungarian, French, Italian, German, Polish(?) docs synced

Important fixes:
* X11 fullscreen switching (yes, again...) rewritten, some x11 code cleanup
* Voxware and Quicktime DLLs finally work (was broken in some contexts)
* VIDIX Radeon support cleanup, should really solve the pink screen bugs
* Cygwin: -vo directx crashes and garbled picture with some files fixed
* OGM/Ogg seeking (broken frames) fixed, subtitle fixes, XCD support
* libaf: big (audio filter layer) updates, floating point support, speedup
* ffwma2 fixed (better error resilience)
* SPU queueing - fixes missing or early disappearing DVD subtitles
* the mysterious DVD audio delay (150-300ms) fixed
* extension-based fileformat detection fixed the .mp3 vs. mpeg-ps conflict
* cache2 keeps buffer for non-seekable media, fixes quicktime streaming

* mp3lib CPU detection part cleanup, 'decwin' linker problem fixed
* various cddb:// fixes, support of netbsd-1.6
* libmpdvdkit2: Fix DVD authentication on Solaris 9
* libmpdvdkit2: libdvdcss upgraded to 1.2.4 (keeping the key cache patch)
* libmpdvdkit2: fixed decryption from multiple VOB files (hdd or darwin)
* -ao arts, -ao oss: Fix 8-bit sound support
* -vop expand + ffmpeg codecs conflicts solved, some other -vop bugs fixed
* -ac ffmp2 with MPEG files (sig11) fixed
* QT Qclp audio codec initialization fixed
* mplayer exit codes cleanup (0 for quit/eof, 1 for error)
* -ao win32 sync problems solved, -autosync 100 is still recommended
* -vo gif89a uninit sig11 fixed
* the usual compiler warning fixes :)
* use -pphelp instead of -vop pp=help
* various bigendian fixes
* 16bpp packed yuv fixes in crop, mirror, rotate filters
* some -fixed-vo and vo_preinit fixes, -vo sdl,xmga,mga should work...
* various Solaris compatibility fixes (should work out of the box)
* mms:// port fixes, tries 1755 if 80 failed
* libavcodec: various ME fixes, B frames fixes, WMV2 slice decoding fixes
* -ao alsa9 audio-file playback high cpu usage fixed
* libaf updates, 2-pass initialization to get better filter path
* better detection of playlists, support for [Reference]-style format
* handle quicktime reference media files as playlist
* cddb:// & cdda:// cdrom device name fixes on linux and *BSD

* -ao esd: new EsounD audio driver
* -vo dxr3: new NORM option
* Xanim & RealPlayer binary Codecs working on PPC
* Radeon 9000 support in VIDIX, colorkey restoring for all Radeons
* Initial PPC (Big-Endian) support in VIDIX Rage128 driver
* PNM:// streaming support (ported from xine)
* Muxer layer: mencoder can now write MPEG-PS format, too (EXPERIMENTAL!)
* libavcodec: wmv2 decoder (buggy/untested)
* DVB "HEAD" (aka. NEWSTRUCT) drivers support
* Subtitles background bounding-box support (optional grey-level & opacity)
* libaf: 3 new filters: panning, compressor/limiter and a noise gate
* per-mediafile config file support (for file-specific options)
* iconv (codepage conversion) support for OGM (Ogg) subtitles
* v4l: user friendly channel tuning
* Freetype & old-style RAW font support usable (compilable) at the same time
* vo_directfb2, vo_dfbmga: DirectFB 0.9.16 support
* libavcodec: motion estimation pre pass, qpel encoding, trellis quantization
* libavcodec, liba52, mp3lib: Altivec optimizations
* keep window's aspect ratio at resizing (x11, xv), requires WM support
* -geometry option, also accepts X11 syntax
* real .bin+.cue (S)VCD images support (-vcd 2 -cuefile xxx.cue)
* postprocess: YUV 411/422/444 support, stride fixes
* jumping of overlapping subs fixed, sorting is automatical, iconv fixes
* mpeg2 telecine detection and automatic inverse telecine (mplayer only)

* correct GTK widget destroy event handler
* fullscreen switching fixed (sync with x11_common)
* fix gtk submenu
* new font render engine
* added persistant history patch
* SDL Audio configure window
* add overlapping to preferences
* add play bar for subwindow
* add vertical potmeter for skin
* fixed 'single pixel bug'
* fixed some possible crashes
Bin vor kurzem durch Devilz auf den Player gekommen und bin echt begeistert!
One Player for all!:]

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