GPE 2.7 released

Diskutiere GPE 2.7 released im Linuxnews/Programmversionen Forum im Bereich Allgemeines; [img] It took a little bit longer than expected, but now all important bits are inplace: GPE 2.7 is finished. This is the first release of a...

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    It took a little bit longer than expected, but now all important bits are inplace: GPE 2.7 is finished.

    This is the first release of a new - more strictly defined -type. Currently we maintain roadmap and release information in thewiki page at
    It's not intended to have a competely fixed roadmap there, but itshould orient itself on the current and future requirements. We spentmany hours in this release and the result is a large number ofapplication and library improvements and bugfixes, as well as improveddocumentation.

    * The new star among our applications: gpe-mini-browser.
    * New GUI screenshot tool: gpe-screenshot
    * Online help browser application: gpe-helpviewer
    * OpenSync based synchronisation plugin (included in OpenSync).
    * New applications ported to work with GPE: Gaim, GkDial
    * A new library to handle contacts data, completing the PIM data abstraction layer.
    * Improved import and export of PIM data using latest libmimedir.
    * Many scalability improvements to make applications look better on various display sizes: gpe-contacts, gpe-sketchbook, gpe-timesheet, gpe-what, gpe-bluetooth, gpe-conf, gpe-mininet and others
    * Some core applications now support the Maemo platform: gpe-todo, gpe-contacts, gpe-calendar and gpe-mini-browser
    * Extended application functionality: gpe-calendar, gpe-conf, gpe-sketchbook, gpe-filemanager
    * A basic roadmap document.
    * Useful, though still incomplete, documentation: Library reference, development manual and user documentation.
    * Broken applications start to become useful again. (gpe-timesheet, gpe-today)
    * Many parts of GPE make use of autoconf/automake now.
    * 974 CVS checkins since March 2005.
    * A large number of fixed bugs... no i do not want to list all affected parts here :-)

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GPE 2.7 released

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