Cedega 4.4 mit Guild Wars Unterstützung!



lang erwartet, endlich ist es da.

Travel along the eastern slopes of Lornars Pass, north of Camp Rankor and visit the deep, slag-strewn expanse of Grenth's Footprint or confront dwarves on the jagged edges of the Shiverpeak Mountains. This is the world of Guild Wars and its all available on your Linux desktop with Cedega 4.4! This newest version of Cedega has not only added support for one of the hottest MMPORG games available today but also provides fixes and updates for some of your favorite supported games. Check out the entire for all of the details. Upgrade to Cedega 4.4 now! With Cedega 4.4 we are also releasing Point2Play 2.0.2 which features a fix for the mount/unmount issue. Upgrade to Point2Play 2.0.2 here.

Release Notes: http://downloads.transgaming.com/files/cedega-4.4_releasenotes.html#cedega_4_4_release_notes

Quelle: http://www.transgaming.com/latest_news.php

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