ATI Catalyst 8.1 erschienen


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Heute ist der Catalyst 8.1 erschienen!

New Features

This release of the ATI Catalyst™ Linux driver introduces support for the following new features:
New Supported Operating Systems

This release of the ATI Catalyst Linux software suite introduces support for the following new operating systems

* RedHat Enteprise Linux 5.1
* RedHat Enteprise Linux 4.6
* Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon)

Resolved Issues

The following section provide a brief description of resolved issues with the latest version of the ATI Catalyst™ Linux software suite. These include:

* Corruption will no longer be noticed in the lower right corner of the display or on the mouse pointer after the system is running for a long period of time
* Connecting a display device that supports 1680x1050 to a system running Linux will no longer result in a maximum display resolution of 1280x1024 only being available
* Custom mode lines in xorg.conf will no longer be ignored by the fglrx driver
* Suspending to RAM or DISK on kernel version 2.6.23 or later no longer fails

Release Notes:

LG Linthorul


Und, schon jemand ausprobiert? Die letzte Version war für mich furchtbar, da ging fast nichts...

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