RHN Errata Alert: Updated NetPBM packages fix multiple vulnerabilities



Red Hat Network has determined that the following advisory is applicable to
one or more of the systems you have registered:

Complete information about this errata can be found at the following location:

Security Advisory - RHSA-2003:060-09
Updated NetPBM packages fix multiple vulnerabilities

Updated NetPBM packages are available that fix a number of vulnerabilities
in the netpbm libraries.

The netpbm package contains a library of functions that support
programs for handling various graphics file formats, including .pbm
(portable bitmaps), .pgm (portable graymaps), .pnm (portable anymaps),
.ppm (portable pixmaps), and others.

During an audit of the NetPBM library, Al Viro, Alan Cox, and Sebastian
Krahmer found a number of bugs that are potentially exploitable. These
bugs could be exploited by creating a carefully crafted image in such a way
that it executes arbitrary code when it is processed by either an
application from the netpbm-progs package or an application that uses the
vulnerable netpbm library.

One way that an attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities would be to
submit a carefully crafted image to be printed, as the LPRng print spooler
used by default in Red Hat Linux releases uses netpbm utilities to parse
various types of image files.

Users are advised to upgrade to the erratum packages, which contain patches
that correct these vulnerabilities.

Taking Action
You may address the issues outlined in this advisory in two ways:

- select your server name by clicking on its name from the list
available at the following location, and then schedule an
errata update for it:

- run the Update Agent on each affected server.

Changing Notification Preferences
To enable/disable your Errata Alert preferences globally please log in to RHN
and navigate from "Your RHN" / "Your Account" to the "Preferences" tab.

URL: https://rhn.redhat.com/network/my_account/my_prefs.pxt

You can also enable/disable notification on a per system basis by selecting an
individual system from the "Systems List". From the individual system view
click the "Details" tab.

Affected Systems
According to our records, this errata may apply to one or more of the
systems that you've profiled with Red Hat Network. To see precisely which
systems are affected, please go to:

The Red Hat Network Team

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