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Von gaim wurde die Version 0.60 veröffentlich.
gaim ist ein Client für AIM, IRC, IQC, JABBER etc.
Das Changelog zur Version 0.60
Gaim: The Pimpin' Penguin IM Clone that's good for the soul!

version 0.60 (04/04/2003):
* Auto-loading protocol plugins.
* Plugins dialog and perl script menu merged into preferences.
* Don't auto-login if an existing Gaim session is already
* Moved "privacy preferences" to Tools menu.
* -n, --loginwin option to disable autologins.
* Added support for gettext 0.11.x.
* Added support for automake 1.6.
* aim:// URI's supported with gaim-remote command.
* Quit Gaim remotely with gaim-remote. (Thanks, John Silvestri)
* Added rudimentary support for X11R6 session management. (Thanks,
Robert McQueen)
* Conversation backend and UI are now separated. (Thanks,
Christian Hammond)
* Asynchronous, non-blocking, DNS function (Thanks, Nicolas
* As a side effect of the above: IPv6 support. Tested only with IRC
(you can receive ipv6 chat requests from irssi!).

* Tray icon plugin--replaces the old GNOME applet. You'll need
the panel Notification Area applet (aka system-tray-applet)
for GNOME 2, or the Kicker for KDE 3.1. (Thanks, Robert
McQueen, Nicolás Lichtmaier, Kristian Rietveld, Ari Pollak &
Patrick Aussems)
* Added GAIM::remove_event_handler and made set_info short
circuitable in perl. (Thanks, Ryan McCabe)
* event_del_conversation for plugins. (Thanks, Bill Tompkins)
* Notify.c plugin rewritten; check its configure dialog. (Thanks,
Etan Reisner)
* Buddy Ticker made a plugin.
* Idle Maker added to source.
* Fortune profile added to source.

* TOC no longer compiles statically by default--use OSCAR.
* ICQ plugin no longer gets built--use OSCAR.
* Server-stored buddy lists for ICQ with full support for
authorization (Thanks, Mark Doliner)
* File send/receive support for Aim over Oscar (Thanks, William T.
Mahan and Mark Doliner)
* Non-direct connect typing notification for AIM over OSCAR.
(Thanks, Mark Doliner)
* Allow only people in buddy list privacy option added for AIM.
* Full ICQ info reading support. (Thanks, Vincas Ciziunas)
* Support for synchronizing group renames on server. Group
rename server synchronization for AIM. Server-side
synchronization for moving individual AIM buddy to new
group improved. (Thanks, Mark Doliner)
* Ability to add people to AIM buddy lists.
(Thanks, Graham Booker)
* Ability to change ICQ password. (Thanks, Mark Doliner)
* Option to have AIM notify you if you have
unread mail. (Thanks, Mark Doliner)
* Parse URL messages, Contact Sending and Pager Messages
in ICQ. (Thanks, Mark Doliner)
* use snprintf instead of sprintf. (Thanks, William T. Mahan)
* Fixed crashbug on empty rvous requests. (Thanks Brandon Scott
(Xeon) for pointing this out, and Matt Pandina for the patch)
* Nice Oscar changes--mostly internal. (Thanks, Mark Doliner)

* Added more IRC slash commands -- /W, /VERSION, /MODE, /CTCP stuff,
-- and other cool IRC enhancments. (Thanks, Jonas Birmé)
* IRC's /topic with no argument displays the current topic (Thanks,
Mark Doliner)
* DCC File Receive support for IRC.
* Optional password on IRC accounts. (Thanks, Christian Hammond)
* Added half-op support.

* Jabber invisibility and permanently cancel sending on-
line status to Jabber buddies.
* Jabber roster updated on group renames.
* Fixed a possible segfault when signing off Jabber. (Thanks,
Craig Boston)
* Improved typing notification support for Jabber and
Yahoo! (Thanks, Nathan Walp)
* File receive support for Jabber. (Thanks, Nathan Walp)

* MSN users are notified when the other party closes the conversation
window. (Thanks, Christian Hammond)
* File receive support for MSN. (Thanks, Christian Hammond)

* French translation updated. (Thanks, Stephane Wirtel,
Sebastian Carpe, and David Odin)
* Polish translation updated. (Thanks, Przemyslaw Sulek)
* Finnish translation updated. (Thanks, Tero Kuusela)
* Spanish translation updated. (Thanks, Lars Goldschlager, Nicolas Lichtmaier)
* Traditional Chinese translation updated. (Thanks, Paladin Liu)
* Japanese translation updated. (Thanks, Junichi Uekawa)
* Korean translation updated. (Thanks, A Lee)
* Romanian translation added. (Thanks, Misu Moldovan)
* Many other translation patches from many people merged in.

* Now using libiconv for better i18n support (Thanks, Junichi
* Lots of i18n fixes (Thanks Matt Wilson, Ethan Blanton, A Lee)
* Correct i18n handling for many parts of AIM/ICQ, including
instant messages, away messages, and profiles (Thanks,
Ethan Blanton)
* Improved MSN internationalization (Thanks, A Lee)

* Optionally uniquely colorize nicks in chats
* Add / Remove buddy menu item added to the chat users list
(Thanks, Jonas Birmé)
* View log button in conversation toolbar (Thanks, Etan Reisner)
* Option to log IMs and Chats seperately. (Thanks, Etan
* Removed Ctrl-C binding for color
* Fix first message in tab not displaying bug (Thanks, Etan Reisner)
* Changed some default options
* Updated desktop and window icons (Thanks, Robert McQueen)
* Switch the .desktop file to the new KDE/GNOME common vfolder
format (Thanks, Robert McQueen)
* Removed all deprecated GTK calls. Now 100% GTK 2. (Thanks Nathan
Walp, Christian Hammond, Ari Pollak, Ethan Blanton, Robert McQueen)
* Read proxy environment variables. (Thanks, Christian Hammond)
* Fixed security vulnerability with manual browser option (Thanks,
Robert McQueen)
* Can get info for ICQ and Jabber users from the "Edit
Buddies" tab (Thanks, Brian Bernas)
* Code cleanups and fixes (Thanks, Federico Mena Quintero and
Ka-Hing Cheung)
* Word-wrapping on mail notification text (Thanks, Andrew Molloy)
* Generic File Transfer PRPL interface (Thanks, Christian Hammond)
* Better supression of auto-responses (Thanks, Joshua Blanton)
* Drag-and-drop tabs in conversations, and multiple windows with tabs
in each (Thanks, Christian Hammond)
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