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08.03.2005, 16:49
With Cedega 4.3 Jedi Will You Be

Announcing Cedega 4.3 and the addition of the newest Star Wars adventures, Star Wars® Battlefront™ and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic® II -- The Sith Lords™. Along with the addition of these hot new games our team did some tweaking to bring you a Cedega-Preloader making it even easier to become a Jedi Knight with Cedega.

Speed enhancements and bug fixes for a few of the most popular games have also been built into Cedega 4.3. Read the entire release notes for full details.

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Es werden wieder einige Titel mehr, offiziell von TransGaming supported.
Vorallem wurden einige wichtige Änderungen vorgenommen, wie z.B.:

As of Cedega 4.3, there are no longer any compatability issues between prelink, exec-shield, the new VA layout and Cedega. These features can be left enabled and will work seamlessly with Cedega.

Quelle: http://www.transgaming.com/
Release Notes: http://downloads.transgaming.com/files/cedega-4.3_releasenotes.html